What We Do


The mission of the Canaan Valley Volunteer Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the residents and visitors of Canaan Valley and surrounding communities.

The Canaan Valley VFD is active in both the Tucker County Fire Association (TCFA) and Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). The County Fire Association helps formulate policy with respect to issues concerning fire department response to emergencies as well as mutual response between fire departments.  Many of the policies that have been or will be adopted by the LEPC for the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) were outlined by the TCFA in years past.

The LEPC is populated by members of all the branches of emergency service, county political leaders, health officials as well as other community members who may bring a particular expertise to the table. This group has been mandated by the state to adopt the county's EOP and establish an Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

The CVVFD is equipped and prepared to suppress structural, vehicular and wildland fires. We conduct Search And Rescue operations (SAR) on a year round basis. We work vehicle crashes, aviation incidents and any other mechanism of traumatic injury, such as mountain biking, rock climbing or ATV accidents. We house the Tucker County Tactical Rescue Team (TCTRT) and are equipped and trained to do many types of technical rescue.

In the 285 plus square miles of first due area, there are many places of opportunity for all the above situations.

All of our personnel are trained in basic first aid. Of the 30 active people on the roster, 10 are trained to the EMT level with an additional seven trained to the Paramedic level. We have plans to begin running as a First Responder Fire Department. This requires some planning and certification, but once in place, we will be begin responding with Tucker EMS in all serious medical calls as well as many trauma related events.

We have Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) placed on each piece of apparatus.

We are currently working to assist in providing as many dry hydrants as possible in our area. We have but two pressurized hydrant systems, so the establishment of dry hydrants throughout our area will aid in fire suppression and, perhaps lower our customer's fire insurance premiums.

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