History of the Canaan Valley Volunteer Fire Department

Back in the early 1980's Canaan Valley was expanding at a pretty fair clip. The state park had the ski area up and running and opened the main lodge. Timberline was growing and Canaan Valley Stores had opened its doors. Since the Davis VFD was the closest department, some of the local businesses felt there was a need for expanded fire coverage on this end of the county.

Jim and Ralph Good lobbied for and received grant funding from Governor Rockefeller's office for a building and local legends Ben and Dorothy Thompson donated a small parcel of land. In early 1982, the Canaan Valley Station of the Davis Volunteer Fire Department was born.

Some were recruited, some conscripted, and others joined on their own, but a new group of young men and women signed-on to serve the community and we held our first Firefighter 1 class sometime that summer.

Pictured above Left to Right:
Back Row: Doug Mayor, Pete Calhoun, Kenneth Sturm, Sam Fore, Rick Varian.
Middle Row: Cecil Parsons, Charles Cosner, Paul Poerschke, Ed Fernsler, Doug Dale,
Russ Harman, Reice Brown, Porter Brown, Don Maclay, Dave Beckner, John Cooper.
Kneeling: Sandy Green, Andrew Dearborn, Red Cooper, Paul Fitez, Cary Reed.
Seated: Jim Good, Sheila Sturm, Carolyn Brown, Fred Soltow, Lawrence Rhodes, Ernie Shaffer - Instructor.

With the strong support of the Davis VFD we operated for three years, running calls out here and in town. (As a side note: All emergency calls at that time we being taken by the Hinkle Funeral Home in Davis as it was the only place that had a phone that was answered by a human being on a 24 hours basis. God bless them for bearing that burden in those years.)

On September 26, 1985, the Canaan Valley Volunteer Fire Department was chartered and we began to walk on our own two feet. With the generous support of the community, it is now a well run, financially strong corporation that is ready and able to carry out its mission.

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